Thursday, 9 April 2015

Crimson tide

“ Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.” ― Mark Twain

Politics is our daily fare fed to a public already burdened with the prospect of an uncertain future fraught with a minefield of religious and racial overtones that threatens each and everyone of us on a Personal basis. 

Each and everyone of us is affected by these issues. Our jobs, our family, our future are all put on hold while politicians bicker and nit pick over issues that really has no credibility to be discussed anywhere else but within the four walls of their own political dens of antiquity. 

We need to ask ourselves what really matters. Rule of law, due process, civic and civil liberties...freedom, respect and graciousness towards each other matters. Really when it comes to the crux of it all it is not hudud that really matters. In time it will be consigned to the backwaters of politics where it deserves to be consigned to. Get out of the "stupidity box" and allow yourself the right to stand on the side of right thinking Malaysians who understands that the leaders of tomorrow are made today - and understand that the work you do today will determine who these leaders will be. 

As JFK famously said at his inaugural address :

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country" 

You should ask yourself that same question....if you do not then you will leave our country in the hands of politicians that you now see around you. Politicians who cheat and lie. Politicians who are corrupt and arrogant...and politicians who have no regard for anything else but their own financial well being. This we cannot do, this we should not do and this is certainly what we must never do for we have seen what politics have already done to our country. 

Whether your loyalty is to a person, a party, or to the country. Because the last time I checked, no one is bigger than this nation. Our interest supersedes that of the prime minister, members of the Cabinet, their wives and that includes the Opposition Leader. 

Unless you are politically affiliated, we need to be able to make decisions and think objectively, independent of political influences and pressures. 

Wrong is wrong. Right is right be it from the government or the Opposition. Opposing for the sake of opposing, and supporting for the sake of supporting will get us nowhere. 

Hence the rut we are in. 

Anyone who tells you otherwise, for whatever reasons, has a political and personal motive. 

And if you are smart enough to see that, you will realise the need to rise beyond that. Beyond individual, party and familial politics. It is time we fight for the country instead of one person. Or party. Or family. 

Whoever that person, party or family might be. 

National interest comes first. Everything else is a disposable second.

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