Saturday, 16 November 2013

The Emperor’s New Clothes

It seems our society now is now operate under the Emperor’s New Clothes syndrome. This is a children’s story but it sums up a deep problem in societies, known in sociology as pluralistic ignorance. The people in the fairytale all see that the Emperor has got nothing on. But because of their fear to be considered stupid or being punish, they don’t speak up.

Most people have a desire to be liked, to be part of the in-crowd. Despite some employee's opinion to the contrary, supervisors are people too. Most people were raised to "be nice" even at the risk of honesty. Most have never developed the ability to present negative feedback in any other terms then in an attack mode. When delivered negatively, this feedback has the subtly of a falling anvil, usually causing the message to be garbled by resentments and anger thus failing in it's basic efforts to be informative.

So, too, do we seem to have developed in society a pattern where those who see and speak the truth are ridiculed and encouraged or forced to keep quiet. We are taught that if you question the rules you will be outcast as a troublemaker. We are living within dysfunctional systems that we have been told to accept as normal.

We can stay in denial or we can all do something to help put our society back on track so that we can redeem ourselves from this ridiculous state of affairs. It only takes a child who sees through the lies, reveal the truth of a naked king and knock sense into that vain royal head.

Omar Ibn al-Khattab, Prophet Mohamed’s companion and a Muslim caliph, used to say, “God bless the one who gifts to me my defects.” When a scholar was once asked why he abandoned people, he said, “And what would I do with people who hide my defects!”

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