Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Qualified Malaysian Audit Report

I am just an average person living an average life. I work an average job and I make an average salary. I am as average as the average Malaysian can be. That is why I feel so helpless after reading the 2012 Auditor-General’s report and knowing that there is nothing I can do it about it, just like many Malaysians out there.

The annual Auditor-General’s report is always a very revealing document for the public. But history has shown that after reveal, nothing ever happens. The only thing I see happening is politicians going on the defensive and just denying everything that is in the report, or having an excuse for it (logical or illogical)

Inquiries are going to be set up and statements will be made saying that action will be taken should anyone be found guilty of misconduct. But come on. As an average Malaysian, and I think many average Malaysians will share my view, I believe that nothing will come out of anything.

Malaysians are sick of reading about projects whose prices seem to be over-inflated because the perception is that too many palms need to be greased. Are there any honest people left in the government or civil service that will do anything about the Auditor-General's Report?

For the last 15 years, our deficit has escalated significantly. In simple language, we are spending more than what we are earning.Faced with such a situation, anyone running a business would be looking for ways to reduce his expenses, cut costs and find ways to improve his revenue streams.

However our "smart" politician are known for their foot-in-the-mouth syndrome and they have become notorious for making announcements first before studying their ramifications. They have been promised too much in the elections and now they have to deliver. Unfortunately, the cost of their populist approaches has to be borne by the people, primarily those who pay tax whether as individuals or as companies.

The government has to dig into the savings to pay for all these so-called goodies, and common sense tells us that when we have to use our hard-earned savings, that’s not very good economics 
If the we allow the government continues to spend wastefully, run inefficiently the rakyat will feel the impact.

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