Saturday, 8 June 2013

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Many people believe that the love of money is the root of all evil. In the long history of mankind, there are many examples of how money led to the destruction of many societies. Even now, whether we like it or not, we live in an age where life is centered on money. We need money to buy things, be it for our necessities or our desires. 

We may ask ourselves, why we do have to work, and spend eight hours or more at our office, even though we may not like the environment, our superiors or our colleagues?

The fact is we must go to work every day, simply to earn money to live. We need money to maintain our health, to pursue our studies and much more. Some say money cannot buy us happiness, but truly, do we feel secure, safe, calm and happy when we find out that our bank account is zero or even negative?

Seen in the right context, money can give us a meaningful life, to develop our abilities and pursue the things that we enjoy in our life. The real problem in our society arises when money is fueled by an inner human attitude called greed. Some people even live by the creed that money can buy everything in this world, and as such, they are unable to determine how much money is enough for them.

Nevertheless, the people’s perception towards money has changed over the years because we have become more aware of personal finance issues, which help us understand the concept of financial freedom.

Some people see financial freedom as having more than enough money to cover their cost of living, without having to work actively. While for young people, they may see financial freedom as the ability to earn sufficiently without the need to burden their parents. It could also relate to the freedom of being able to do things whenever we want to.

Furthermore, the idea of “freedom” must also mean freedom from unethical conduct and values, where one is prepared to earn money at the expense of one’s integrity. A person who has an astronomical amount of money, accumulated through unethical means, will remain a slave of money, and thus he does not have real financial freedom.

True financial freedom is achieved when one has the ability to resist and control certain things in dealing with the sources and uses of one’s money, hence partaking the righteous decisions in whatever situation, either in prosperity or in hardship. Certainly, one who can deal freely with his money in prosperity or adversity is the one who has achieved financial freedom.

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