Saturday, 1 June 2013

Happily N'Ever After

When a couple becomes husband and wife, life becomes a blur. Family and friends all want to help with anything you'll let them be involved with. And every one of them has loving advice. 

I waded through a river of opinions from people I loved during my wedding. Whether out of politeness, curiosity, or concern, I listened to each piece. But as the flood waters rose higher, I began to see that not everything I heard was worth taking to heart. I received advice like: "You need to have a baby right away. Nothing brings a couple together faster than a baby!" and "A good wife will keep a spotless house and cook every night."

Well, I knew I didn't want a baby right away unless God willed it. As my wife who works full time, I have never expect her to kept a spotless house or cooked every night.

I also heard some scary advice from several couples. Their advice sounded something like this: "When you get married, you'll be happy for few years, and miserable the rest of your life." In other words, "Good Luck!" 

You can't take everything everybody says seriously, but whether you appreciate the advice or not, you can't turn off the advice machine either. Somehow, people mistake silence or subject-changing for an invitation to give yet more advice. Advice from loved ones has its benefits though. I did find some gems among the things I was told – positive advice that had practical application in my young marriage.

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