Sunday, 5 May 2013

The candidate

As today is an Election Day, There may be many who made up their minds a long time ago but for some of us, it ain’t much of a choice.

We are falling into the illusion of choice, into a two-party paradigm, not only attempts to narrow the various views, ideologies, and experiences of millions of Malaysian into two possible doors, but is also a disservice to ourselves. Both sides seem to campaign on the premise that voting for the other side means a dubious future.

Our responsibility as citizens, is to expect and support individuals who best represent us, our values, our futures, our aspiration. There are few things I consider before tick against any box in the voting ballot :-
  • I am looking for a leader, who is ready to make a stand about what’s right and what’s wrong. I’d like someone who knows how to draw the line between good behaviour and bad, and doesn’t throw up his or her hands to disclaim responsibility when other parties behave badly, obviously on his or her behalf.
  • I am looking for bridge-builders and peacemakers, the sort of people who know how to turn down the temperature, not raise it up for political expediency. I’d like to see someone who reaches out and builds bridges with sincerity, and doesn’t feel the need to bring along lots of media when he or she does it.
  • When they say about progression. Not just in terms of technology and infrastructure but also in attitudes towards human development such as in education and spiritual growth
  • I’d like “moderate” to mean in terms of spending, in terms of politicking, in terms of word and deed. And that moderation is not just for foreign consumption but also for us at home. 
I would like to vote for a candidate that would bring us all together because we have no time to be disunited. We the people should just name whom we want and vote them in, regardless of affiliation.

Note:- I wish I can vote in Putrajaya and Salor at the same time.

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