Saturday, 11 May 2013

Men From Mars & Women From Venus

I always say to my friends, “I don’t understand women but I love them”, I must confess that no matter how I try, I still do not understand women. Perhaps women are created but are not meant to be understood.
Lets be totally honest here, if I knew the secret formula that made men understand the goings on in a woman's head I would gain overnight fame and fortune, my name would live on as one of the greatest men in history, I would probably even win an award or two including the Nobel Prize for science and the Nobel Peace prize.I would be a legend in my own lifetime, revered by men everywhere I went. 
There's no denying it; men and women are simple two completely different creatures. We just think and process things differently. We move and react differently. We’re just, well, different. What's important to one half of the species is completely irrelevant to the other.

Perhaps, I should be telling to my friends, don’t even try to understand women, just love them……and probably women are created to be loved. There's a saying that goes like this:

"When a man is respected, he feels cherished. When a woman is cherished, she feels respected."

As men, respect is the thing we want most from others. Women want to be cherished and treated as special and unique (and yes, as desirable sexual creatures you'd like nothing more than to ravage... but only because they're so special and unique). That's what you need to know to understand women.

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