Saturday, 4 May 2013

Lesser of two evils

A recent survey by a public relations company found that most people have very little trust in their politicians, corporations and media.Yet we are still stuck in a system where the running of our country is still entrusted to the very people we mistrust. 

What is beginning to be obvious to me is that if we vote for either side, we’ll wind up miserable. That’s hardly what I would call a choice.The default setting for all our politicians, regardless of who they are, seems to be to automatically disagree with whatever the other side does. 
The essence of the system is not democracy but representative democracy and a system of checks and balances on those exercising power. "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." The incidence of the abuse of power cannot be eliminated but an attempt is made through the representative democratic system and its institutions to reduce the extent of the abuse of power.

I keep having people tell me that in this election, the only choice we have is to vote for the lesser of two evils.

There will never come a day when any one politician or political party will embrace Integrity values perfectly. It's not possible because all men everywhere are totally corrupted by sin. Some are more worthy of trust than others – some are more advantageous to partner with or be around than others – yet because all are inherently broken, none can ever be fully trusted.

If we must vote, then don’t vote for the evil that you think is better. Vote for that which you believe is good, for that which you believe is best of all. It’s a once-in-five-years’ decision that can have a tremendous impact on the life of our nation, and I strongly believe that every vote counts. 

Note: Happy Voting for all Malaysian. Think of Malaysia when you vote not the party

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