Saturday, 2 March 2013

Paying it forward

What would you do if you had no money—and someone accidentally gave you something very valuable? Would you return it to the person or would you assume that fate was smiling on you and take the money?

Recently, Billy Ray Harris, who lives in Kansas City. The decision it wasn’t a difficult at all. Harris is a homeless man, who sometimes sleeps under a bridge. When a woman dropped her diamond ring with her spare change into Harris cup and came back a day later explained that she may have accidentally dropped her ring into his cup. He responded by returning the ring which he had kept safe after realizing it was not intended as a donation.

When homeless man returns a diamond ring and it's a lesson for us all. How many times have you seen a homeless person begging on the street and walked past

People who are homeless are just like everyone else. And even more so, it’s important to never judge people harshly; it would have been easy to dismiss them on a morning commute, but the real truth is you never know what people have to offer.On the flip side, those who are poor or in poverty aren't automatically thieves or cheaters. Just like the man in the story, homeless people can have values and character too.

The homeless man who returned the diamond ring has a lesson for us all. The next time you see someone with a hand out try not to judge them any differently than you do anyone else. I think that's a lesson that we can all walk away with.

Back in Malaysia, a 13-year-old Amir Azizan Hashim returned a handbag with S$15,000 (RM37,500) to the rightful owner, a Singaporean woman left her bag containing $15,000 on the roof of her car while in Johor and drove off without realizing it. But luckily for the her, a boy saw the bag fall off the car and picked it up, cycling 200m to catch her and returned it. She immediately thanked him and offered him S$10 (RM25) as a token of appreciation but Amir refused the money.
By simply doing the right thing, Billy & Amir have set an extraordinary example of honesty in the world which seem now an unfriendly & threatening place. Both of them did not expect the massive media attention that followed but it would be for a good cause and to spread the message about honesty.

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