Thursday, 14 February 2013


Love is a funny game and its one that many of us find ourselves playing. WALL-E’s story is a great example of the twists and turns which often take place in a relationship. As soon as WALL-E sees EVE, he is mesmerized by her, yet he has to wait a long time, and they both go through many challenges, before they finally end up together.

Their relationship is complex, and you can see it develop throughout the movie in their interactions, gestures, and body language. Theirs is a truly moving love story, and it feels authentic and real. Dialogue is most certainly unnecessary. We rely on their actions and these noises to perceive WALL-E’s initial infatuation, his sacrificial love, EVE’s initial frostiness who takes her job seriously, but has a side that's emotional and curious about a specific interest related to life. Sound familiar?

Anyways, Wall-E and EVE don’t fall in love right away — they become friends first, which is so totally fantastic. Once they do fall in love, you get the sense that the sincere affection underneath their love makes it way more sincere than star-crossed lovers.

We see a great possibility of WALL-E getting hurt; indeed his infatuation with EVE nearly leads to him being blasted by her laser. When Eve is immobilized, WALL-E demonstrates sacrificial love by caring for her. He is prepared to be struck by lightning repeatedly just to look after her. WALL-E doesn’t give up on the relationship even though it’s dangerous, costly and, for a long time, one-sided. Indeed loving relationships remain a universal desire. We all long to be, and have a need to be, loved and to love.

Both Wall-E and Eve are loveable characters, yet their mismatched personalities create plenty of humor for the movie. WALL-E and EVE's relationship takes a story of happily ever after and shows it in the more practical light of commitment, and becomes the purest example of love that I've ever seen in film. The two balance each other out, support each other, are honest with each other, respect each other, and of course love each other.

They seem impossibly different to begin with and slowly blend together to one heart, saving each other and the world along with them. It's thought provoking, beautiful, and insanely cute to top it off.

Note: To my fiance "I am not perfect but with you I felt complete, Thank you for accepting all my weakness... Happy Valentine Day..Sorry I cannot physically celebrate with you this year"

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