Saturday, 9 February 2013

Financially Prosperous Year

Chinese New Year is the major celebration of the festivals in Chinese Culture. There are many things that we are aware of about this celebration. Things such as giving red envelopes to children, cleaning the house, and having a big feast are well known to the adoption community. However, are we aware where these traditions symbolized.

The actual date of Chinese New Year is determined by the luni-solar calendar, which is why you’ll often see the holiday referred to as Lunar New Year (especially outside of China). Each year is attributed to one of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac and its characteristics. This year, Chinese New Year’s Day falls on Feb. 10, ringing in Year of the Snake.

On Chinese New Year’s Eve, families gather under one roof for the elaborate reunion feast. It’s here the red envelopes full of crisp money are often exchanged, typically from senior to junior. Kids love it.Traditionally, Chinese culture has been centred on the family. Family groups would stay in the same area for generations. A family living in the same place for that kind of time is something that we cannot comprehend in their culture. For them, a normal first question that we ask someone is where he or she grew up. Their transient culture has caused to lose some of the meaning of family that can be found in the Chinese culture.

If we begin to incorporate the traditional values of Chinese New Year in our bi-cultural families, we can become part of an ancient tradition that honours the family. To me, the great thing about Chinese New Year traditions isn't the red envelopes (children probably disagree), the decorations. The best thing is the emphasis on the family. Let's make a conscious decision to establish some Chinese New Year traditions that will bring our families together.
To my Chinese friend here’s wishing you and your family prosperity and auspicious blessings. Gong Xi Fa Cai!! 
Note: Chinese Lanterns: Lanterns represent peace, harmony and blessings as they guide everyone to their own home after the period of celebration and festivity

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