Saturday, 5 January 2013

What to Expect When You're Expecting

As the first week of school has gone, most of the parent face major challenges when it comes to providing optimal care and education for their children. For families in poverty, these challenges can be formidable. Sometimes, when basic necessities are lacking, parents must place top priority on housing, food, clothing, and health care.

Even in families with above-average incomes, parents often lack the time and energy to invest fully in their children's preparation for school, and they sometimes face a limited array of options for high-quality child care--both before their children start school and during the early school years. Kindergarten teachers throughout the country report that children are increasingly arriving at school inadequately prepared.

Children are a blessing, you have settled in as a couple and your little bundle of joy brings great joy. As you shower your new addition with love, you wonder if you can provide the best for your child's future.

The cost of raising a child can be enormous. Needless to say, food, clothing and education are essential to the rearing of a child. The bad news – the cost of all three is on the rise.

There are many variables when it comes to calculating the cost of being a parent, including providing food, shelter, transport, education and healthcare. It also heavily depends on what type of lifestyle you are in.

Raising a child in Malaysia or anywhere else can pressure the finances.The numbers calculated do not take into consideration the costs for child bearing and funds forked out for college or tertiary education.

The bulk of any parent’s expenses of raising a child consists of having to finance their cost of living and education.

Before having kids, it's important for both parties to discuss what type of lifestyle they want, how many children they wish to have, who should take care of the children, what type of education their children should get and whether there's a need for a bigger house and car when the family grows.

While I believe that those who really want kids will always find a way to afford it, there may be some truth to this premise. Having a family is a life-changing emotional decision, with emotional rewards and consequences. But planning for parenthood is a process that must be backed with logic and proper planning to avoid nasty surprises.

Note:-  Children is a gift of God

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