Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Great Debater:- Aku Pelat

Undergraduates in local universities have in recent years become increasingly more vocal and critical of the government, more so after the Prime Minister administration moved to loosen the law allowing students to participate in politics, in a bid to draw support from the younger generation who are seen to make up a substantial voter demographic group.

Recently, a video showcase a public speaker berating the student — who had stood up to voice her views on the Bersih electoral rally and free education at a forum titled ‘Are University Students in Line with Politics”, which was held at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) when viral on Youtube.

The forum entitled was truly ironic, when a student voices out opinion regarding politic, look at what happened in this forum.

The speaker interrupts her mid-way, telling her to “Listen!” a whopping 11 times and even taking away the microphone from Bawani to stop the student from speaking further. She ridiculed Bawani by saying that she was only an 'O' level student compared with her who held a degree.

The speaker should let Bawani complete her speech. Even if she doesn’t agree with her and she you should reply nicely… not condescending and patronising. She should answer her with wisdom, good teachings and debate in the best of ways.
Her bravery speaking out in front of a crowd of about 2300 students, terrorizing the speakers and MC of the forum with facts and figures. Her guts were commendable and something even I would not have done if I was studying in a university.

Take a look at the rest of the students, when Bawani spoke, everyone clapped. And when even the moderator spoke, everyone clapped as well. This is the product of education of today.

As for those who applauded and cheered the moderator mindless and irrelevant speech, shame on you all because if you can’t differentiate between right and wrong by applauding both sides, you’ve lost your ability to think and consciousness.

Anyway, Ms Bawani should thank her lucky star that the year is not between 1981 – 2003 otherwise she could be expelled or charged with sedition.

My personal congratulations and best wishes to Ms Bawani and her family, who fought for the rest of the students who rightfully deserve free education and a country free of corruption. Young girls like her who are willing to speak up against injustice are a rare breed. Though she was only given a short time to deliver her speech, she made every Malaysian proud and set an example of how one should fight for their rights.

Note: - “Never argue with stupid people…They will drag you down to their level of stupidity and win by experience”

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