Saturday, 24 November 2012

My Best Friend Wedding:- Marzuke & Nadia

For an occasion such as this, I do like to thank you all for coming to celebrate the marriage of Marzuke and Nadia’s

I am writing today representing the category for best man. A term that is unjustly appointed to me, and not deserved. Though it’s a great honour, I’m not really the best man, just a good guy. The best man here today, is Marzuke Mohammad. Now as I mentioned it’s a great honour to be his best friend.

Juke and I met in Uitm Machang while we doing our diploma, and haven’t been able to get rid of one another ever since. The truth is it took many years, and wasn't until we much older in which Juke and I realized that our foundation was impenetrable and our friendship was more than just a friendship. We were inextricably linked for life, and found ourselves with a friendship that re-framed our definition of the word. Which is why I was so surprised he chose Nadia over me. 

I have never been a best man before but I’ll try my best. Because Juke said if I do a good job today, I can be Best Man at his next wedding, too.

So here I am writing here with this great opportunity to reveal to all, Marzuke’s past misdemeanor. So I could trot out the usual stories but I thought of getting some visual to help putting you guys into perspective:-

Enough with one secret, I’ve decided to use this time to talk of Juke’s achievements. Without doubt his greatest achievement is marrying Nadia. Marzuke and Nadia are each great individuals and together they truly make an unstoppable couple. Their love for one other is apparent to each one of us today. 

The great thing about Juke and Nad is that they have planned far more than their wedding, they have planned their marriage. As a matter of fact, Juke has already learned the ugly truth that married man is one who replaces the money in his wallet with a picture of his wife.

I have watched Juki live a life of determination, dedication, and passion. I have watched him excel at nearly everything he’s set his mind to, and I have watched him apply that attitude to loving Nad.

Nadia, your grace and humor and your delicious appetite for life make your new husband a better man. You are his sunshine. You are wonderful. You are also now responsible for his moody mood next time.

Marzuke, you are a brother to me, there is a saying "a friend is a family we
choose for ourselves" Thanks for the honour being my best friend.

And so I say to all of you who are my friend in bachelorhood, we have lost another from our esteemed ranks.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am truly humbled and now it gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to congratulate Marzuke and Nadia - We wish them well for the future and hope they enjoy a long happy marriage. 

"Selamat Pengantin Baru... Semoga kekal ke anak cucu".


  1. Well said..selamat pengantin baru Jukee. And next, your part would be 2013 farid. InsyaAllah.

  2. I never knew this post existed.
    Thank you! -jukee