Friday, 17 August 2012

Up in the Air

I am flying back to Malaysia tomorrow to celebrate "Eid" with my family. 

For those of us who normaly travel, we are completely familiar with the "golden rule" when it comes to packing - "travel light", unless you have your own private jet. If you do really have your own private jet, then you probably might not even comprehend the concept of travelling light
I like to travel light. It is quite a sight when travellers haggle with the airline stuff because they exceed the weight limit. I often wonder why there is a need to bring so much along, not to mention the additional load on the journey home.

"Pack only what is necessary" is the concept of travelling light easily understood. Unfortunately, this simple concept is arduous to achieve. Dilemmas are bound to surface and that is when the line between necessities and extras become increasingly blurred. The rudimentary items on the list somehow manage to burgeon into a family of their own as rapidly as the growth of fungi, fuelled by "I can not do without this" and "If I'm already taking this, I might as well take this too" phrases, that hopefully would not contribute to the palpable bulkiness of the luggage. Perhaps the most challenging issue we all encounter is the "what-ifs."and the list goes on.

I 'm all for practicality and have used all the packing tricks—sample-size toiletries, sleeping in T-shirts and getting three days of outfits out of a single black skirt or pants. But there comes a time when you just want to travel with more of your favorite clothes, several pairs of shoes. Alas, no matter how efficiently you pack, all those things just won't fit into a single carry-on bag so I need a bigger bag.
Are you, in your own journeys, travelling light or heaping burdens onto yourself with each step of the way? Are you working to forever pay the bills or coming to a realisation that to be happy with little is far better than to be miserable in much?

Whew..wouldn't it be easier if we could each own a private jet. But that would probably not materialize for the most of us. So, happy packing and good luck!

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