Saturday, 25 August 2012

Times They Are Changing

Looking back over the past week it made me think of how much I truly have changed over the past few years. I am aware that I have aged, and I have grown wiser but I neglected to see how my values had changed as well. The values that I use to have were basically more selfish and I really didn’t have a grasp on the things that made me truly happy and inspired.

When I catch-up with my families & friends, I was flooded with nostalgia. For someone who usually has a scattered memory, I remembered a lot of amazing memories I had. They bring me an incredible amount of value and I can’t express how much gratitude I have for the solid relationships I have developed with every single one of them.

I didn’t always have a great relationship with either of my parents, and it has been an evolving process and I gain more patience and kindness as I get older. I have also learnt how to communicate more effectively and this has drastically changed my relationships in general.

Our values evolve and change, just as we grow as people. It was when I started living in Australia that I became more aware of how important it was for me to be close to my family, not only in connection but in proximity. I hated that I am in Australia and I couldn’t just jump in my car and see any one of them at any given moment. This part of my life, living away from home, allowed me to create the necessary space for me to be aware of what I really loved about Malaysia, and all the people I love who live there. Like that saying, “You don’t realise you have until it’s gone.”

All in all, the past week made me realised how much more I want to be a part of this family life. I don’t want to wait between months in seeing my family. I realised that those relationships really mean the most to me and that I need to step up as a person and allow the possibility for them to be greater.

Moving forward I am committing myself to be more integral and present with my family and friends. They are the most important people in my life. They are my blood, they are the people who made up the very chromosome of who I am and without them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. They have nothing but unconditional love for which I am, and will always be a huge support system. I look forward to the day when I am able to have a family of my own, which I never really desired before now. The sense of community and love that comes with a family is one of the most beautiful things and I know I can grow so much more from being a part of it than not to.

What are our values? Have your values changed? As we grow every day and challenge ourselves with new experiences, do we think our values evolve and become more concrete? What kind of awareness does this bring to our life and our relationships?

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