Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Addams Family & Happy Eid

Personally speaking, Hari Raya is essentially the only time where family members congregate and can finally be a unit. We observe the aunt who just welcomed a new son, the oh-so-young cousin who just got married, and the uncle who just got himself a flashy new car.
Home is abuzz with the laughter and shrieks of the growing number of members. As the same time a certain feeling jolts us. Thinking of the recent loss of close ones; our grandparent, an uncle, an aunt, a sister or a brother. As is the same with any celebration, we try to imagine what it would be like celebrating with them this year.

Family. A six-letter word so deep with meaning that it really is the sole reason why we all exist. Family, far and near, old and young, close-knit and estranged, big and small, lost and found.

Hari Raya and seeking forgiveness are synonymous. It is a must.

So divine up, and seek that forgiveness that we are so stubborn about. We will never know when we may lose another loved one.

This article is dedicated to the grandmother and two of my aunties who just pass-away this year.. Al-fatihah

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