Friday, 31 August 2012

Formula Malaysia


Today our nation is celebrating its 55rd Merdeka Day. Like in previous years, the special day this year will be celebrated with parades, firework displays, shows and performances.

Here, all Malaysians are encouraged to show their love and respect for the country by flying the national flag, especially in front of their offices.

Today, Malaysians are reminded of the high price our forefathers had to pay for the country’s independence not just on National Day but everyday of their lives. We must be grateful for the peace and harmony we are currently enjoying in the country.

Although the pains of sufferings linger on in the older generations who lost their loved ones in the country’s struggle against communism, many young Malaysians are unaware of the price of Malaysia’s independence. If the British government in Malaya and our forefathers had lost the war against the communists during the emergency, our llives today would definitely have been different. 

First it is important to remember where we come from. We were a poor agricultural country. We knew nothing about industries. But while some of our neighbouring countries equivocated and debated about foreign direct investments we welcomed them warmly to Malaysia. It did not matter who owned the facilities; the point was that they created jobs for Malaysians. One measure of our success is that there are now two million foreign workers in Malaysia
From the time of pre-independence, Malaysia has proven that its people can co-exist in a spirit of unity, harmony and tolerance. The tolerance among our people has been exceptional and if we look at our beginnings, racial interaction and religious tolerance have never been our problems. Time and again, Malaysia has been cited by the international community as a model of interethnic co-existence. It is this spirit, this model of racial unity as the foundation of our national solidarity, that we must all strive to restore and preserve.

When our beloved father of independence Almarhum Tunku Abdul Rahman founded Malaysia, he talked of the different races as part of one big happy family.

The best formula to ensure the success of our country is for the people to be disciplined, bold and courageous in facing challenges. Today, we must pledge ourselves to uphold integrity and we must not fail in this urgent quest to bring back the core values of acceptance and unity.

We need to rekindle the legacy, promise and ideals of Bapa Malaysia and the founding fathers so that all Malaysians may live together as members of a truly just, fair, progressive, united towards vision 2020.


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