Saturday, 23 June 2012

Jigsaw Puzzle.

Life can sometimes feel like a jigsaw puzzle.  Out of that, are some interesting life strategies that can apply to how you can put your life back together.

So solve the puzzle we need to see the bigger picture, sometimes we just have to step back...

We see things more clearly when we step back and reflect. Often we want a quick decision. We want to solve a problem before we truly understand what the problem is. A problem not well defined may be half solved.

Unfortunately, we jump to conclusions and have to back track. We retract what we said or did and then have to clean up the mess. Never make a big decision in the middle of a crisis unless you absolutely have to. Reflecting on things doesn't take away from being decisive. It makes you a person of reason and judgment.

You are not alone. It happens to the best of us. We're too caught up in the details to notice the bigger picture, to realize the potential of something.

Even for those of us who do this for a living -- look at the bigger picture, find focus and clarity, communicate the main message to others -- when it comes to our own problem, some outside perspective is always welcome, and sometimes necessary.

Sometimes it's useful to just step away for a bit, to focus on something else. You won't forget everything you know, but you might shake off the curse of the expert; just by doing things that you are not a pro at. And by speaking with people who are not experts at what you do.

And while feedback and advice from friends and family is useful in many cases, it isn't always enough. Sometimes you need to talk to someone who isn't trying to please you, or to be helpful; someone who is standing far enough away from you to see the big picture -- all of it.

This kind of feedback is difficult to come by among your close friends, but that's exactly the kind that helps most. Sometimes it can be worth to reach out and look for help outside your usual circle. And just listen, with an open mind. And reflect, brainstorm. Let yourself be excited by the possibilities. Don't start with the barriers raised, don't reject everything from the start because you think you can't afford it, or because it would take too long, or because that's just not the way you normally do it.

It's ok to fantasize a bit. Ideas and thoughts that sound crazy at first just might have some potential. Let them form in your mind, for now. They just might open some new horizons, and let you see a much bigger picture than you ever thought possible.

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