Saturday, 16 June 2012


You must be thinking "Does this fella have to analyse every movie in his perspective?" Well, Hollywood has always been my source of my inspiration and will always continue to be. Each movie, I feel, has a hidden message and I always try to decipher it and apply it to my life... It may sound strange but that's the way it works for me.

Ever watched the movie Click starring Adam Sandler? It’s about an architect who is an absolute workaholic who is only focused on getting further in his career. He finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward, pause, and rewind through his life.

He could press 'pause' in certain moments he thought he wanted to last a little longer and 'fast forward' the unpleasant ones. As the story goes, Morty warned Michael to use the remote wisely and not to let it rule his life.

He uses the remote to fast-forward through his life and stop after he gets huge promotions at his job and ultimately ends up becoming super successful and rich but he isn’t happy.

His family has forgotten about him, he becomes ill, and everything that he’s ever loved and cared about ended up resenting him for never being there for them. He’s a wreck and wishes that he could rewind everything and go back to the beginning before he decided to speed through his life. But he can’t.

He thought that skipping through all the moments with his family and the hard work that it takes to become successful was the answer to all his problems, but he realized that is wasn’t.

So here’s the question for us: If we had the chance – if we had a universal remote that allowed us to fast-forward through our life – would we use it to get us to the point where we “have made it?”

Would we use the remote to bring us to “success” and skip the entire journey as a we growing  our career all the way to we are older, rich, influential, and successful?

How often do we "fast forward" in our lives, living on autopilot? How often are we looking forward to the future to start living? How often do we miss the present moment because we're caught up in thought?   It's easy to justify "tuning out" for moments here and there, but there is a price.

I was living my life in "fast forward"  mode. I was busy pursuing inculcated goals such as getting good results, earning money and becoming successful. My life was single-mindedly focused on what would make me rich and successful.

I don’t know about you guys, but I would never use the universal remote again. I wouldn’t want to skip the journey to becoming successful. The journey is what makes it fun. The journey is what we learn from. Being an a life is all about taking the journey, getting up when us fall, basking in our feats, and feeling special when us change the lives of others along the way.

There are some bad times which I would like to "skip" and probably "fast forward". But all in all I like my life, as imperfect as it may seem, I wouldn't want anything changed, paused or fast forwarded. It's perfectly playing right now, the way it is.

So enjoy life. Enjoy every moment that we have as part of our life journey. Enjoy the people that we meet and the lessons that us learn. Don’t take any of it for granted. Embrace the present, work hard, love life, and build our future.

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