Sunday, 20 May 2012

Good will Hunting (From Zero to Hero)

Today so let me share a story to lift up your spirits:

Gac Filipaj fled from war-torn Yugoslavia to work in the United States in 1992. When he arrived, he was unable to speak a word of English. He then worked at Columbia University as a janitor in order to take English classes tuition-free. He spent the next 20 years working and studying courses until he finally graduated a bachelor’s degree in classics with honors.

Every year, during this graduation month, there is at least one media story of a recently graduated high school or university student who over come one of entrenched social issues to get to one of the country's top schools. 

They even made an Emmy-nominated film of Liz Murray, the girl who was homeless at 15 and later earned a spot at Harvard University "From Homeless To Harvard"
Liz Murray has triumphed over adversity to become a stunning example of the importance of dreaming big.  The child of cocaine-addicted parents in the Bronx, Ms. Murray's early life was bitterly grim.  Homeless at the age of 15 after her mother died from AIDS and her father moved to a homeless shelter, she lived on the streets, riding the subway all night, and eating from dumpsters.  Supporting herself and her sister, she imagined her life could be much better than it was. Determined to take charge of her life, Ms. Murray enrolled in the Humanities Preparatory Academy in New York and, despite starting high school later than most students, she graduated in only two years while camping out in New York City parks and subway stations.  She overcame incredible odds again when she received a full scholarship and acceptance to Harvard University. Now she makes her living as a motivational speaker for people wanting to change their circumstances.

Both of them left many of us with a few tears in our eyes and the challenge to always have the courage to transform our lives and the lives of others. Such stories inspire our soul.

Note:- Wishes somebody make a book of the secret of my success

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