Saturday, 14 April 2012

Life After Kindergarten

"Life was a series of problem solving situation. No simple problem after Kindergarten"

How have the past 12 years since my secondary school shaped who I am today?  Do I miss school? Nope, not a bit… but I do cherish the memories I made.

As I pause midway through my life and look back at life after SPM, I realise that the road I took was one that I never expected to be on, but I am eternally grateful and humbled by the opportunities I have had. I intend to live the rest of my life building upon that foundation.

My story after SPM is filled with joyous and fun moments coupled with anger, confusion, fear and frustration. My moments of joy and happiness begin the moment I completed the last SPM paper and left my school till the day my SPM results came out. The moment my SPM results came out, was when my world turned upside down.

With my (enough to eat result), I had an options whether to pursue Accounting matriculation (pre-degree) in pekan or to study at Universiti Teknologi Mara in Machang taking Diploma in Accountancy.

Because I wanted an easy life, I choose Diploma in Marching as it is near to my hometown Kota Bharu. Due to my “failure” in SPM, I determined that I need to change and work hard. My determination paid off as I completed my Diploma within 5 semesters instead of 6 with a good CGPA.

With my Diploma CGPA, I got an opportunity to continue my study in ACCA. However ACCA was a whole new ball game to me. After fail a few papers, with some soul searching I decided to drop out and continue studied part-time and work to get experience. 

It was pretty scary at the time, but looking back it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

My first real job was in Ansell as a Costing Executive, I had no idea what my role was. Honestly I struggled between career responsibility and studied but I survived.

I had a career system involved a continuous search for a better job. No matter how much I liked my current job, I always interviewed for better ones.

I struggled to figure out what I really wanted to do and finally after my 3th role, I finally figured out my passion and what I truly wanted to do in life.

It took me many years to find my passion but when I did, I never looked back. But looking back, I would not change my past. Each experience I had, good or bad, helped me learn about myself and developed me. And all these experiences helped me find out what I didn’t want to do and what I was truly passionate about.

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