Sunday, 31 July 2011

When Senior Vs Junior...

We all had these dreams, and then we got jobs to achieve those dreams. But we wanted more money, and we got rid of our dreams. You know, if your nine-year olds version  saw you guys the way you are, you'd get your butts kicked right now! ” – Quote from Adam Sandler in Mr. Deed (2002)

I just watched a Disney Movie title “The Kid” starring Bruce Wills as the main character as Russ Duritz who one day, when gets home he sees a shadow of a boy. Russ then asks the boy his name and finds out it's his own. Both begin comparing memories and scars and figure out that Rusty is Russ younger version of him.
Rusty then starts asking Russ things such as if he has a dog named Chester, whom Rusty has dreamed of owning, if he has become a pilot, and if Russ has a wife. Russ replies that he can't handle dogs with his constant traveling; that he is not a pilot but an image consultant, and that has no wife. Rusty tells him that he dislikes his future.

From that moment I started to think. What happen if my younger version seeing me now,  would the kid version of me is disappointed with the adult version of me?

Do you ever think back on your childhood? Think about all things you wanted to accomplish when you became an adult? Now that you’re an adult you realised that majority of things you were passionate about, just went out the window? I realized at certain age what we had dream of being slowly goes out the window when w enter real-life adulthood. As kids we knew what we wanted out if life, but as adults we just do what we have to do to survive and put childhood dreams on the back burner. I would wonder what the kid version of me would say about me now. I sat and thought about that long and hard and I know that wide-eyed dreamer of my former self would kick my ass if he knew the adult me reneged on all great thing he wanted to be without even trying.

As kid we show much passion when it comes to something we love. It could be something as simple as playing music or even sports. We eat, breath and lived for those things. Then we get older we get complacent with life. We don’t follow our passion, we think deep down we get little afraid to fail or we just chuck it all to childhood daydreaming. What if the one thing you desired to do never worked out? That’s when I think many of us give up and just do the norm.

Now I work... that’s it. I work because I have to. I’m not passionate about the job. I’m passionate that I can pay my rent every month. As kids we don’t know what happen when we actually do become adults. We can’t wait to grow up because we think “ When I grow up I can do anything I want” Sure you can go anywhere and stay out as late as you want, but you realise you did more fun things at 12 than you do as adult. Our kid version would be shaking their heads at us right now if they knew what we have become... BORING ASS ADULTS

So it is we’ve let ourselves down once we’ve gotten older; or it that kids who once were have no concept on what actually being a grown up is like? Either way the life that we imagined for ourselves doesn’t always happen the way we thought. With growth come responsibilities.

Sometimes I wish I can go back to when I was kid and talk to him and let him know that being an adult isn’t always about shits and giggles. To remember that dreams and aspirations that he has as a kid is something to be cherished because life doesn’t go the way you want it too. I would tell him stop trying to rush his age and enjoy being just a kid. If the kids we were knew exactly how challenging adulthood was they would probably cut us a little slack, or maybe they would tell us we’re not living at our full potentials we’re just being lazy. You know how blunt these kids are nowadays.

I have lost my “Mushiness” and I hardly know who I was when I got up this morning.

Note:- I hope that those politicians can ask themselves “Would my younger version would proud for what I have done?

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