Sunday, 29 May 2011

Phil Bhir Dil Hai Malaysiani

When you staying abroad, your often being ask by foreign friend requested an honest description about Malaysia. As an only Malaysian staying in a little town of Bunbury so I self proclaims myself as Malaysian ambassador to Bunbury.

Malaysia is my home is blessed with natural beauty.  We have beautiful beaches, exotic islands and gorgeous landscape. To those who love Scuba diving, we have beautiful island such as Langkawi, Pangkor, Tioman and Sipadan, among others. If we wish to scale the highlands of the country, Mount Kinabalu is waiting for us to conquer. Taman Negara awaits the adventurous ones to come hike and camp.

We have our own casino like those at Vegas in Genting. We have the tallest twin towers, in Kuala Lumpur. We have a lot of huge shopping mall with fills with local and international fashion brands. We can easily get lost in the shopping mall building in Malaysia.

With huge shopping malls, we also have of massive sale promotion in Malaysia. We have the normal quarter sale, festive session sale (Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Depavalli and Christmas Sale) and not to forget Jusco’s sale. Our theme is “The Whole Malaysia is on for sale”

To those who is gadget freak, we proud of famous for our super cheap gadget mall in KL that all the “geeks” love to hangout. We have Computer, phone and all electronic gadgets under one roof. You can also find pirated or illegal copies of software and games sold in this place. This is the place that stopping Bill Gates to become richer then he is now.

Talking about pirated or illegal copies, you can find the best quality of DVD movies (pirated) here with reasonable price anywhere in KL. Pirated DVD here is not just include current movie (which is still in movie theatre/cinema) but all sort of movie genre from Hollywood, Bollywood to Hong Kong, from black & white pictures to Blue ray standard.

Food is special in Malaysia. The mix of all the races in the country makes our own “rojak” when it comes to food. And yes, we all love our Malaysian food. When we go abroad, we will always miss our food.

If a foreign friend asks for an honest description of our country, the above will probably be what you will tell the friend. However, since the friend requested an “honest description” of my country, I cannot stop at just there. I ought to inform my friends of our system and people, too.

I ought to inform my foreign friends that in Malaysia, politics and the system of administration are big issues especially when it involves scandal and corruption. Almost every day, news on these topics will be reported and most the stories have part I and part II like a movie.

But Malaysians are forgiving people. We often hear illogical comments from people claiming authority, or even Members of Parliament making silly comments. But time has shown that Malaysians will always forgive these comments and sometimes re-elect the very same Members of Parliament who made those silly comments.

When we meet, other than politics, sports are certainly one subject Malaysians love to discuss. Football or some say soccer is Malaysian favourite sport even we are not good in international stage. Thousands will watch a local and English league football match. As we are an ex-British colonise county, we are too attach to British, even most of Malaysian is a Manchester United Fans. If MU has a friendly match with our Malaysian team, we as Malaysian are proud to cheer and support MU instead of our local team.

Malaysia has a world-class badminton player and squash champions. We will always hope our sportsmen/women will win the next world championship and proud to yell “Malaysia Boleh” when we certain they about to win. 

We have our own Formula 1 team. It hasn’t won a race yet but at least we beat Virgin Team (Still waiting the picture of Richard Branson in AirAsia Skirt outfit).

We ought to inform our foreign friend of the many sports facilities we have in Malaysia because it were built due to Commonwealth games in 1998. Some are not well maintained and only be maintained and repaired when there is a special event.

We have our own national cars, Proton & Produa which you can see everywhere in Malaysia road. The cars are cheap compare to foreign cars which government impose a lot of tax to make sure we are proud of our national car.

Our great infrastructure must also be mentioned – the highways with tolls and the trains that travel all over peninsular Malaysia. Of course we still stuck in traffic, our trains sometimes break down. So be prepared to be late here in KL and this is an “accepted” excuse if you run late for an appointment.

But Malaysians, above all else, will always be Malaysian. We can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia, but we can never take Malaysia out of a Malaysian.

The above will probably be an honest description of my country to any of my foreign friend who wishes to know about Malaysia and visit us.

Note:- This reminds me the translation of the Dato Shahrukh Khan movie/song Phil Bhir Dil Hai Hindustani (But the heart is still Indian) but for me it is Phil Bhir Dil Hai Malaysiani.

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