Monday, 23 May 2011

Australia from My Eye

I've only been in the Australia for a couple of months. To say that I know a lot about this country, I really don't. But no doubt I did learn a few things since I first came here. So I just thought I need to share some things that Malaysians might be interested to know about the Australia.

1)  Not everyone knows and talk about Malaysia
Thanks to PETRONAS’s Twin Tower we has really brainwashed us to believe that the world revolves around Malaysia. No, not everyone knows Malaysia, my friend. Please quit thinking that people REALLY care about what we do in Malaysia, like all the time. They just don't. To them, Malaysia is just another country (in Asia, or if they're pretty good in Geography, in South-East Asia). Plus, they have a lot more important things to think about than to care about what's happening in Malaysia.

2) People hold the door open for the person walking behind them when entering a building (if that person is not too far away, of course)
And the person walking behind will usually say "Thank you" for that person holding the door. This is just one way people are being courteous towards others. Well, you don't want to do this if it is automatic door.

3) Cars stop for pedestrians to cross the road.
Well, this one was quite a culture shock to me when I first got here. But they only do this on small, not-so-busy country roads, of course. Cars don't stop in the middle of highways. Malaysians in Malaysia might want to try this. But don't be surprised if the pedestrian freaks out because he/she might think that you're just getting ready to run over them as soon as they walk in front of your car.

4) They’re not superior to us.
Yes. A lot of us might have inferiority complex when seeing a white person. But you don't really have to. Like I said, they just THINK that they are better than the others, so they act like one (and they usually perform like one, too). If we can also THINK and see ourselves as just as good as them (or even better), then we WILL also be just like how we see ourselves as. It's all in the mentality.

5) You will appreciate Kuala Lumpur so much once you're here
I just miss “mamak stall” and “warung” so much. I don't even have to go over the details about the football (or soccer?) matches we watch on those big screens and the lively crowd that stays till 2-3 a.m. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about. 

The small town that I live in here will literally "die" after 6 p.m. No kidding. It's no fun. The only closest thing to mamak would be 24 hours McDonalds. So please, appreciate what we have in Malaysia.

Well, that might be it. Some of the cultures here are good and I personally think that we should learn these things from them. But of course, we don't follow whatever that's bad.

But overall, probably the most important thing that I got from here is that I learned to appreciate more of what we have in Malaysia (except for the political scene, corruption, and crazy drivers). We might think that they have a better place to live than us. Yes, it might be for them, but definitely not for us. We are Malaysians, and Malaysia is where we live.

It's just like how they say it - "There's no place like home"...

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