Saturday, 7 May 2011

Mera Naam Jester

I was born by the name of Farid Affandi in the year of forbidden animal (Wild Boar) according to Chinese Calender and a month of fish (peaces) in zodiac calendar. So you can imagine my personality is (please refer any zodiac related website)
I am a Kelantanese wannabe (where I was raised and spend my childhood) and Johorian outcast (Where I was born), Pahang would not recognise (Where my parent currently stay and place back for Raya), hold a Permanent Residence status in Kuala Lumpur but now surviving with a lot of effort in Perth, Australia.
So I am a bit confused in which state football team that I need to support. But for sure, I am proud to say that “Saya anak Malaysia” (I am a Malaysian child).
There is a Malay saying “Sedangkan tempat jatuh lagi di kenangan, Inikan pula tempat bermain” (Even where you fall you will remember, so of cause “lah” you will remember where you played). So using that as a basis, I would say that in Kelantan is where I used to play when I was young and fall most of the time. Most scars due to the Kelantan’s rock over there. Home is where the heart is so my heart belong to Kelantan. Furthermore, Kelantan have a great football team the Red Warrior so  “Gomo Kelate Gomo”
I am lazy in nature but force to work. So I don't wanna grow up. How many people faced with the same predicament of deciding on a profession upon graduating used “not really knowing what to do” as their guiding compass?

For me that was accounting, a profession that conjures numerous clichés.I have the utmost respect, admiration and appreciation for accountants. I have also been one for seven years in the financial services sector.

So for all those accountants stuck at work between 8pm and 3am in lieu of month-end – who’ve had to forcibly forego dinner, quality time with their family and friends, a favourite TV show, just so those books are closed to perfection – I sincerely salute you.

Well I am. It’s hard to walk away. But hey, if it pays well and the bills get paid, shouldn’t that be enough? And shouldn’t I just be grateful to even have a job in this economic climate?

Sigh. It’s back to my cubicle for now, brushing these things aside and being thankful that I even have a cubicle to go to.
As an adult actually you start to have responsibility and life suddenly became complicated. So as conclusion,  life for me is a series of problem solving situation and there were no more simple problem after kindergarden and Life is not amount of breath we take but the moments that take your breath away. So now I am a student of life myself....

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